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Dark Complexioned people should take extra vitamin D

For people with dark skin it is advised to swallow daily vitamin D supplements. Why is this? How much should you take? And is slightly tinted too dark?

Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. About two-thirds of the amount of vitamin D you will be created this way need daily. A white skin is basically able to produce large amounts of vitamin D fairly quickly. Tinted or dark skin, however, makes it less (quickly) than light skin.

Vitamin D reduced production
of melanin in the skin functions as a natural protection against sunburn, but limits the speed with which vitamin D can be made. When your skin tans gradually inhibits the production of vitamin D. People with dark skin functions vitamin D production in the skin anyway considerably slower than in people with fair skin.

What is a dark skin?
Tinted or dark skin makes less so (fast) vitamin D from sunlight. On the Fitzpatrick scale skin type is this IV, V, VI. As a rule of thumb, you can say that this skin is not burned before it turns brown. Often these people (partially) of Southern European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Indonesian or Negroid origin. For them, so supplementation is necessary.

How much extra D?
The Health recommends that people with dark skin (as skin type IV) – also children – daily 400 IU (10 mcg) vitamin D to add to the diet. Indeed for them to take the advice to vitamin D after their 70 daily 800 IU (20 micrograms). The pharmacist can inform you about the most suitable supplement for you.