Attack on nightclub in Istanbul

In an attack in Night Club Reina in Istanbul, Turkey, tonight least 39 people were killed and another 69 people injured.

During a new years party opened an unknown perpetrator fire on the festive crowd and killed 39 people. 69 people are in the hospital, four of which have to be to bad. Meanwhile, 21 identified victims. Among them are 15 or 16 foreigners and a police officer.

Police are searching for the perpetrator, which would have left a firearm after the attack at the club. Towards within the gunman killed a policeman and a civilian and then at random to shoot him.

Nightclub Reina is one of the most popular clubs in Istanbul and is located on the banks of the Bosphorus. In the building would have been many hundreds of revelers. By shooting panic broke out. According to witnesses, people go to the flights over each other. Some attendees jumped into the water to escape the bullets.

The culprit is still on the run, the Turkish police with might and looking for him. The stop is not yet claimed. “Our security forces have started the necessary actions. We hope to have him quickly to address, “said Interior Minister Soylu.

The Turkish president Erdogan said the attack was carried out to create chaos and make people despondent. “Turkey will continue the fight against terrorism and is committed to ensuring that all citizens can live in security,” he said. He condolences to the relatives of the killed victims.