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Rags to Riches story – MC Donalds part time employee becomes a Millionaire

Almost everyone has dreamed of a lot of money. Some also think of having a nice car. The British teenager Robert Mfune succeeded as a teenager to becoming a reality in three dream be: at eighteen he already bought a Bentley. That report British media.

Mfune was sixteen years old when started with two part-time jobs, one at McDonalds and the other as a bellboy at a financial institution. That second part-time job helped him to become a millionaire “If bellboy I had to learn some things, because I always was in an environment with knowledgeable people. The things I learned there, I went home own research, “he says.

Teen saw it as a way to develop themselves further: “When I was 17 I started investing with an account in the name of my mother, because I was too young. There came a point where they told me to stop. “At eighteen Mfune opened his own account and he continued investing.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Robert and his mum, Susan Mfune.) – A teenage trader swapped shifts at the golden arches for a one-of-a-kind gold supercar after working his way up from water boy to millionaire trader. When Robert Mfune of Southampton turned 16 years of age he worked at McDonalds and ran errands for binary traders all while still at college. By the time Robert passed his A Levels with grades AAB, he was a Bentley owning millionaire who had only just stopped serving Big Macs. SEE CATERS COPY.

He did it so successfully that he now owns several coffee houses and homes in England and South Africa, his homeland. Already on its 18th Mfune bought a Bentley, “When I was 19 I decided to let him squirt gold. I was planning to buy a different car every year, but my Bentley just decided to give a different look. No one has this, this is the only one in the country. ”

Mother Susan is obviously very proud of her son, but finds the new car but nothing: “It’s too flashy, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just do not understand why you would allow spraying the gold. Silver was fine. I would not buy this car. ”

Beauty tips for Dark Skin

Everyone loves beauty tips and hacks. It is always good to learn new things in the field of hair, skin care and makeup. It is of course totally great if these tips do not always mean that you have to spend lots of money on new makeup. So here 7 beauty tips for women with darker skin that will boost your overall look.

If you have dark hair, it is logic that you for your eyebrows looking for a color that is the same as your hair. Still, it’s a lot better to choose a tint when filling in your brows that is lighter than your hair color. A dark eyebrow pencil will ensure that you get a hard look and do you often look older than you are. With a lighter color will look your eyebrows are beautifully kept and will not be too intense the effect.

2. CHOOSE A bronzer WITH A RED undertones
It is better to let your skin shine then you’re going to add a lot of new colors. Why not look for a very dark bronzer, but opt for a subtle bronzer with red undertones. This will be your undertones give a warm tone without you doubt your face are the “paint”.

A beautiful color choose will be very difficult with dark skin. For the ultimate effect you can combine colors and textures. Mix for a natural effect, for example, a cream foundation with a fine powder. So you stay close to your own skin and you will not see are layers of makeup.

If you have dark circles under your eyes suffer concealer will not always provide the effect you want to achieve, especially in dark skin. If you want to hide any trace of tiredness you can choose to make a creamy red-orange lipstick under your eyes. The red color does blue and purple color under your eyes away and it will seem like you have slept like a baby.

A white or light eye shadow is not a good choice if you have a beautiful dark skin. These colors are very powdery will look like. Therefore, choose a nice bright color to accentuate your eyes.

For cheekbones to come out well, it is good to mix your blush with a little gold highlighter. The gold will make you look fresh and healthy. Note that you do not choose color that tends to silver, because then you get the powdery effect again!

You will not always see a normal blush with darker skin, so choose a blush with good pigment and a nice bright color. For the ultimate pigment you can use the red-orange lipstick again bijpakken and color you the apples of your cheeks lightly with the lipstick. One blending will be on you with the rest of your perfect makeup and all eyes!