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Woman eats the heads of dead Snakes

A woman from the British Market Drayton need four months in prison because she has decapitated her two boa constrictors, then swallow the heads of snakes. It was found by the police with one of the bodies wrapped around him.

According to the police she was drunk when she beheaded snakes with scissors. When she was found in the house of her sister, the body of the snake moved yet. The heads had she been in her pockets, she had decided that she would rather wanted to keep and therefore had surrendered.

Drowned hamster
The prosecutor says that women already living with her snakes with her sister since May last year. She was afraid her sister would soon be put on the street, and would not let her take care of her sister snakes. That’s why they killed the snakes.

It is not the first time that the woman abuses her pets before she dropped her hamster in an aquarium to watch while he drowned. They found that at night he made too much noise. She also released her cat away from her home after a long bus ride.